About me

I'm working as IT Specialist and almost every day I find these simple, little problems that seem an obstacle on my way to successful implementation. Usually after some digging in the net I come across the pieces of the puzzle that let me solve my issue, sometimes help comes from fellow practicioners. So here's my goal: I will post the whole puzzles here in simple steps. Along with blog activity, I'm also active Experts Exchange contributor.

I do hope they will be found useful by others who deal with similar stuff.

To sum up: stuff is mainly WebSphere family, TAM,TDS & TFIM. Particularly WS-Security and security integration. And yes, I'm an IBM employee.

So please remember that none of the statements posted on this blog are the official statement of IBM Company.

I'm a human also :) I'm a keen football player, love to read books, play music on the bass guitar (soundcloud.com/manipulanci) and spend time with my lovely wife, children and a bunch of friends. Despite being indisputable grown up, I've never grown out of playing video games, too.