30 October 2013

CRIMA5096821AE during WebSphere 8 update/fixpack or other Installation Manager operations

You might happen to be updating your WAS 8 installation with a fixpack, and more, you may want to do it with iclm tool, instead of IM GUI.

First of all, you need to be sure which package you are choosing from the repo, and to be sure you need to read the content of the repository with:

./imcl listAvailablePackages -repositories source_repository1,source_repository2

also, you need to be sure what is the exact signature of the packages you have installed:

 ./imcl listInstalledPackages -features -long

After you make sure you pick the ones you have and need, you do this (exemplary packages):

./imcl install com.ibm.websphere.ND.v80_8.0.7.20130725_2248 -installationDirectory /opt/IBM/WebSphere8/AppServer -repositories /opt/was8inst –acceptLicense

And, you might run into that error (exact paths vary from your system):

CRIMA5096821AE ERROR: Error updating.

CRIMA5096821AE ERROR: Error getting file for installation: 'jar file com.ibm.was.backup.nsf_8.0.4.20120410_0000' not found in /var/tmp/IBM/IMShared..

CRIMA5096821AE 'jar file com.ibm.was.backup.nsf_8.0.4.20120410_0000' not found in /var/tmp/IBM/IMShared.

In that case, you might start to worry, because most probably somebody deleted IMShared directory from your filesystem. And this is very bad thing, since Installation Manager needs this to operate on already installed packages. It stores vital data for IM operation, such as sychronization repos, libraries etc.
DO NOT REMOVE IT or you won't be able to use your IM with existing installation (to be precise: particular software packages for which this particular IMShared directory was chosen, as this may vary between packages, using the same always is a default).

There's nothing but one thing you can do about it - if you happen to work in multiple machine environment, you might have different machine with identical software set installed (like prod/dev/test systems). In that case, you might try to copy IMShared directory from other machine with identical set and in MIGHT work. Not guaranteed, but sometimes it's a last resort.

Good luck!

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