02 January 2013

TAM 6.1 - HPDAC0457E The protected object name is invalid. (status 0x1005b1c9)

A colleague of mine run today into a problem while trying to attach ACL to a protected object seen in the objectspace tree. Although being "seen" by both WPM console and pdadmin client via 

object show /xxx/yyy/subcat

command, trying to use 

acl attach /xxx/yyy/subcat ACL_name

resulted in getting below error:

Error: HPDAC0457E   The protected object name is invalid. (status 0x1005b1c9)

At the same time attaching ACLs to parent and child objects was just fine.

We checked initial loading scripts, and we found that there were only entries for super- and sub- items, like:

/xxx/yyy/ and then for /xxx/yyy/subcat/subsubcat/ but not for the middle one

So what was happening was that /xxx/yyy/subcat wasn't really created before, but only was visible as a tree level, because TAM had to show something in that place. Then the fix was easy, we just created the missing object with

object create /xxx/yyy/subcat "" 10 ispolicyattachabe yes

and then we could successfuly attach ACL to this object.

Hope this helps, enjoy and leave a comment!

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