23 March 2012

WPM config - HPDCO1364E The specified domain does not exist. (0x1354a554)

While trying to configure WPM (TAM Web Portal Management), you may encounter this particular error:

HPDCO1364E   The specified domain does not exist. (0x1354a554)

You are most probably using non-default (not "Default") domain. Apparently, WPM has a problem with specifying different domain name than default, but this occurs in version What you need to do is to upgrade to fp5 (or lower fp, but I tested it with fp5)
  1. get 6.1.0-TIV-TAM-FP0005-LIN.tar.Z file (for Linux x86)
  2.  gunzip and tar -xf it
  3. install with: rpm -Uhv PDWPM-PD-6.1.0-5.i386.rpm
  4. try pdconfig
after fixpacking it should suggest you (get from configured Java Runtime) correct domain name.

Good luck, leave a comment.


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