07 February 2012

SECJ0053E and AWXJR0044E: PolicyConfiguration exists = false

If you are working on WAS with JACC configured against Tivoli Access Manager (or other external authorization provider, but I assume TAM is the most popular) in your application development cycle you may stumble upon the following error sequence:
[2/7/12 11:24:45:304 CET] 000000c8 SecurityColla A   SECJ0053E: Authorization failed for defaultRealm/username while invoking (Bean)XyEAR-2.2#XyzBean.jar#soapAction:5 JACC Authorization failed for bean: xyzvBean
[2/7/12 11:24:45:660 CET] 0000003d AMWASJACCMess I   com.tivoli.pd.as.jacc.TAMPolicy implies(ProtectionDomain, Permission): permission = perm.toString()
AWXJR0044E   The access decision for Permission, (javax.security.jacc.EJBMethodPermission xyz), was denied because either the PolicyConfiguration or RoleConfiguration objects did not get created successfully at application installation time.  RoleConfiguration exists = true, PolicyConfiguration exists = false.

It is more probable to occur right after application update (new version deployed, for instance).

Here are the things you may do to steer out of this trouble:


  1. Ensure all necessary protected object exist in TAM policy database (use pdadmin or WPM - TAM console deployed on WAS)
  2. Update role definition in your authorization provider with:

    Global security > External authorization providers

    choosing "Update with application names listed" and typing in your application name (as appears in Enterprise Applications tab), then Apply

  3. If point 2. fails, follow this sequence: stop application, remove application from server, stop application server, clean temp directories for this server, start server and redeploy application. It should bind with TAM properly this time. After that, restart the server again.
 Good luck.

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