04 January 2012

WebSphere WPS/ESB CWSIS1538I,CWSIS1545I,CWSIS1535E and CWSIS1546I

When working with WebSphere Process Server (or Enterprise Service Bus, which is a limited set of WPS functionality) you may run into a problem with using database for messaging engines. That appears as a series of errors in SystemOut.log file during particular server startup, while the errors are: CWSIS1538I,CWSIS1545I,CWSIS1535E and CWSIS1546I. That usually means that you are trying to re-use SIB tables in the database, that were previously used by another WebSphere instance. Good example of this problem is given here in infoCenter but to say short that is what you need to do:
  • find database used by WPS/ESB
  • check if <YOURSCHEMA>.SIBOWNER table exists and what are it's contents (simply: SELECT * FROM <YOURSCHEMA>.SIBOWNER
  • you'll see that there's some ME UUID (messaging engine unique id) exists that is preventing WPS/ESB to start using this table exclusively (WPS needs to "know" that SIB tables are his and only his, so you need to ensure he can think so)
  • restart the server and check if errors are gone
My recommendation (as well as support's) is to clear all tables used by SIB engine (which ones? check out in DB generation ddls, produced by sibDDLGenerator.sh scripts) to ensure no further data conflict will occur in future.

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