16 January 2012

WebSphere SOAP message trace (XML, JAX-WS)

Okay, there are numerous articles on how to trace XML SOAP messages sent to websphere server, but it seems all of them address some different scenario I am in. Eg. they involve custom development or code-changing in order to add handlers and so on.
What I needed was to simply dump content of SOAP messages incoming to my http inbound channel. However, anything less than wssecurity.*=all given no SOAP content, so I started to drill down to the very one I needed. Finally I found some least fraction of WAS framework to check if you want to get incoming XML content, out of WSSecurityHandler class. As XML parsing involves security processing, you simply need to use the following trace:


in addition to the one you already have set.

Good Luck, I wish you happy tracing!


  1. oh my gosh, I've no idea what you're talking about... you high-level guys are so abstract... too abstract to my taste ;). Greetings from a few blocks away