13 January 2012

WebSphere: disable SSL between IHS and WAS (IHS SSL offload)

Ever wondered how to disable SSL between IHS and WebSphere App Server? In some environments, your IHS and WAS remain in secure zone, and you don't want to spend any CPU time for doing SSL between web server and backend server.
In case of IBM HTTP Server + WAS combination there's a simple way to do it:

  • assuming you have Plugin already configured for IHS, you need to edit it's config (plugin-cfg.xml) with some editor eg. vi
  • find section for your backend server cluster you want to SSL off-load:
<ServerCluster CloneSeparatorChange="false" GetDWLMTable="false" IgnoreAffinityRequests="true" LoadBalance="Round Robin" Name="clustername" PostBufferSize="64" PostSizeLimit="-1" RemoveSpecialHeaders="true" RetryInterval="60">
      <Server ConnectTimeout="5" ExtendedHandshake="false" MaxConnections="-1" Name="PTS2CSIP01Node_STS2CSIP01S01" ServerIOTimeout="60" WaitForContinue="false">
         <Transport Hostname="backend_hostname" Port="4300" Protocol="http"/>
         <Transport Hostname="backend_hostname" Port="4343" Protocol="https">
            <Property Name="keyring" Value="/opt/ibm/HTTPServer/Plugins/config/plgcfgname/plugin-key.kdb"/>
            <Property Name="stashfile" Value="/opt/ibm/HTTPServer/Plugins/config/

 and comment out second Transport definition to:

      <!--Transport Hostname="backend_hostname" Port="4343" Protocol="https">
            <Property Name="keyring" Value="/opt/ibm/HTTPServer/Plugins/config/
            <Property Name="stashfile" Value="/opt/ibm/HTTPServer/Plugins/config/

  • restart your IHS server and check in error_log if plugin has been loaded properly 
To check, you may turn on plugin tracing:

<Log LogLevel="Trace" Name="/opt/ibm/HTTPServer/Plugins/logs/plgcfgname/http_plugin.log"/>

Restart IHS once again and tail  http_plugin.log while sending request to your https port of IHS. You shall get trace like that:
TRACE: ws_common: websphereFindTransport: Finding the transport
DETAIL: ws_common: websphereFindTransport: Setting the transport(case 3): backend_hostname on port 4300 <--- PLEASE NOTE THIS IS HTTP PORT OF WAS!
TRACE: ws_common: websphereExecute: Executing the transaction with the app server reqInfo is OKuseExistingStream=0, client->stream=(nil)
DEBUG: ws_common: websphereGetStream: Getting the stream to the app server
TRACE: ws_transport: transportStreamDequeue: Checking for existing stream from the queue
TRACE: ws_common: websphereGetStream: Have a connect timeout of 5; Setting socket to not block for the connect
TRACE: ws_common: websphereGetStream: Reseting socket to block
TRACE: ws_common: websphereGetStream: Setting socket to non-block for ServerIOTimeout over HTTP
DEBUG: ws_common: websphereGetStream: socket 13 connected to
DEBUG: lib_stream: openStream: Opening the stream
DETAIL: ws_common: websphereGetStream: Created a new stream; queue was empty, socket = 13

Any questions? Good Luck!!! Feel free to comment&leave feedback.

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