02 January 2012

Tivoli Access Manager 6.1 account/password expiry notification

Ever wondered how to use password/account expiry notification in your TAM 6.1 deployment? As it is not supported out of the box, you need to either:
- enable appropriate stanzas in your pd.conf file:
enable-passwd-warn = yes
passwd-warn = passwd_warn.html
passwd-warn-failure = passwd_warn.html
account-inactivated = acct_locked.html
but this requires LDAP supporting password lifecycle options
- or use passwordexpiry.war application supplied by helpful guys from Australia.
I did this and even enhanced app's functionality, but I need some confirmation from the authors that it has been 
posted in the article.
if your not close with the LDAP underneath your TAM, go for the 2nd.

Good luck!


  1. Radek,

    I was wondering if you could elaborate more on "LDAP supporting password lifecycle options".

    We are using TAM6.1.1 and TDS6.3. Do you know if TDS6.3 supports option1 and how to configure it..

    options 1 looks easier than option 2.

    I'll appreciate your reply.

    thanks in advance

  2. Rohit, yes, in your version combination you can use expiry notification generated by TDS 6.3. read more about the attributes here:
    and here:
    hope this helps!
    thanks for leaving a comment.

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