20 December 2011

pdadmin login fail after migration

There are time that you want to do some unusual stuff with Tivoli Access Manager such as migrate whole TAM instance to a different machine/environment. I did that when trying to replicate KVM environment to a different location, with changing target KVMs IPs to exactly match original one and all the rest as well, including LDAP.

That last component replacement seemed to be a bit too harsh for TAM, and despite copying secAuthority suffix data 1:1, after starting KVM machine and trying to log into pdadmin, I failed to authenticate.

After some investigation it turned out that after copying security suffix data into LDAP, you then need to apply TAM acls to secAuthority objects with ivrgy tool, such as:

/opt/PolicyDirector/sbin/ivrgy_tool -h ldap_host -389 -D "<LDAP_admin_id>" -w <LDAP_admin_pwd> add-acls domain_name

where domain_name is usually Default, but you may also have something more fancy :)

good luck, feel free to comment.

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