14 October 2011

UTF-8 characters in pdadmin (TAM 6.1)

Recently I came across the following problem: how to import LDAP users that have UTF-8 (Polish) characters into TAM with pdadmin? When you simply run pdadmin and use user import command, you will get the result as in following example:

user import elenaciezka "cn=Elena Ciężka,ou=1,ou=2,ou=3,O=myorg,C=PL"

Could not perform the administration request
Error: HPDMG0755W   The specified Distinguished Name (DN) does not exist. (status 0x14c012f3)

As you can easily add these users with Web Portal Manager, that means there is *the way* to do it with pdadmin, which is useful if you want to import more than ten-s of users...

A little googling and the solution to this problem is to use command files as input to pdadmin, which contain UTF-8 characters of your choice. but that's a little peculiar as you need to prepare the command file as ANSI type :)

So, that's what you need to do:
  1. prepare command file, setting UTF-8 encoding first so you get:

    user import elenaciezka "cn=Elena Ciężka,ou=1,ou=2,ou=3,O=myorg,C=PL"
  2. change the encoding to ANSI and you see:

    user import elenaciezka "cn=Elena Ciężka,ou=1,ou=2,ou=3,O=myorg,C=PL"
  3. save the file (say: tam_import.txt) and copy it to your target system using binary mode (most safe in terms of transmission of some strange stuff)
  4. before running pdadmin set shell to use your locale:

    export LANG=pl_PL.utf-8

  5. and you can finally use your file:

    pdadmin -a sec_master -p your_password tam_import.txt
And that should be all. for file conversion you can use text editor of your choice, my preference is the ultimate Notepad++ (seriously guys, n++ is awesome!!) and for transfer any scp client (WinSCP, I prefer).

Good luck guys, and come back for more.

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